Friday, 21 February 2014

The Toolbox - Values driven coaching

by Chris Hardy

Values driven coaching’.. sounds good, but what does it mean? (and what does it have to do with Permaculture!?)

values’ - your judgement of what is important in life.

The Toolbox is a coaching and workshop experience being launched this February. It is coaching for people who want to do good in the world, for people who enjoy exploring their values and working with awareness of these

It’s about helping you find your drive and passion, making an impact, unleashing your creativity on the world.

It’s about having get-up-and-go, creating your ideal work, mobilising yourself.

The Toolbox ( has been created to spread and share the story of the Great Turning through coaching and workshops. By story I mean a way of making sense of what is happening around us. The Great Turning is the story of our time that says that all over the world we’re waking up, becoming more conscious of our responsibility as stewards, and collectively devoting our energy to the healing of ourselves and our planet.

The Toolbox is a peer to peer coaching and workshop experience designed to serve people like yourself. People who are already taking part in the Great Turning in their own way. People who, I think, are brave, inspirational and I would like to work with.

Think of is at putting the Permaculture Principles into action throughout your life, not just in the garden. As I’m sure is clear to you all a concept such as ‘integrate rather than segregate’ put into action can have diverse outcomes such as dynamic group decision making, cooperation and social equality. These are steps towards a fair future, these are the tools of the Shambhala Warrior, tools we’ll sharpen together in the crucible of our coaching relationship.

There are a three coaching places available with The Toolbox this February and I’m offering a special discount to anybody who signs up through The Permaculture Association.

You can prepare yourself for a professional, dynamic a resilient coaching relationship. Coaching that helps you find clarity, and motivation, direction, enthusiasm and insight.

You’ll be asked questions like: What is your part in this great story of life and how are you going to play it to your best?

This means exploring your passions, your strengths, and your gifts. Once you’ve got a clear idea of these, perhaps you already do, then it is about using them to the best of your ability. Playing your best role.

We’ll explore, open, dream and vision, creating a space for retelling and enacting your personal story with clarity, enthusiasm and presence.

Marcus Letts of Cloud Cuckoo Land has this to say about the working with the programme:

I would recommend Chris to anyone,
though in particular young people with the courage and ambition to change their world.
These simple and powerful tools could transform your life.’

if you’re interested and we can arrange a free call to see if this is for you.

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