Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My Experience of Volunteering with the Permaculture Association

By Wenderlynn Bagnall

I’ve always been interested in and cared about ‘community’. As a transition member I love the collective inspiration that comes from organising events and seeing them happen and then the elated feeling of collaboration at the success of the event. I’ve always believed that if we all pulled together, we can change things, whoever we are, whatever it is. I’ve seen proof and know it to be true.

Volunteering for the Permaculture Association has expanded my experience of community by being part of something bigger, something world changing. It feels good to know that just doing my little bit is good enough and that it helps others who are doing their bit too who are focused on the same journey.

My experience of volunteering for the Permaculture Association is a friendly one. It’s good to know too that it’s not just the role I play but also the ideas I have that everyone has been supportive of and no pressure has been put on me to do more. Our Association is always keen to have volunteers and are very appreciative of people giving up their time.

The idea of volunteering for The Association came out of the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design which I have just started. 

I wasn’t sure how I could help but none the less I contacted them, letting them know what skills I had and whether they could use them. It wasn’t long before they got in touch with me and after a very friendly chat.....well......I was hooked. 

I hope, in time, to do more for them but for now I know that what I do is enough to give the Association the chance to help others.

I’m carrying on the community work to build up a low impact fledgling education and community project I share with my husband in North Devon. For 2 years we’ve worked hard managing the land by hand to make it accessible for us and others. It’s been hard work but we’re slowly beginning to see things take shape. 

Our vision is to reconnect people to themselves and nature through workshops and courses, sharing our skills and learning ourselves along the way. We want to focus on wellbeing and the simple pleasures that being in the outside can bring.

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Are you interested in volunteering for the Association, too? Get in touch with Anna, the Association's communications coordinator, and and she will explore together with you how you can get involved :) 

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