Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lost Theory Festival in Croatia: Exploring connections with permaculture!

by Stéphanie De Caluwé

After following a Permaculture Design Course, wwoofing, and learning about natural farming and food forests,  we decided that would like to combine our experiences, ways of thinking and acting in this world with introducing a permaculture design course during the buildup of our festival, The Lost Theory festival.

One of the dreams that drives this festival is to create an ecological community, to serve as a place of sharing experience, knowledge, music, dance and a lot of other wonderful things… 

The Permaculture Association Research Advisory Board Annual Meeting

by Tom Hughes 
Crops & Agroforestry Research Technician and member of the RAB

December 2nd 2013 – Hope, Derbyshire
The research crew! From left to Right: Chris,
 the Association's Research Coordinator with Nicola, Cat, Louise, Tom and Jon
This post is mainly going to be about ‘Permaculture Science’ and how the Research Advisory Board (RAB) at the Permaculture Association is accelerating to make it happen. 

The 2013 RAB meeting is about to start!
 On Monday the 2nd of December in Hope, Derbyshire, this year’s annual meeting was held by both the Diploma programme and the RAB. I attended as a relatively new member of the board and stayed just one night, but for some it was a 4-day event! It was a busy day, there was a great deal to talk about as the group is rapidly growing, and so much has been accomplished in the last year.

The origins of the Permaculture Ambassador Programme: An Interview with the Network of Wellbeing

The Permaculture Association is excited to announce the launch of the Permaculture Ambassador programme, and with it the first post on the Association's brand new blog!

Florence together with some Wellbeing Ambassadors.
 From left to right: Jesus, Paul, Florence, Denise
A Permaculture Ambassador is a person who is passionate about permaculture and wants to tell the world about it. Being a Permaculture Ambassador involves actively promoting permaculture's story, and sharing information on the most inspiring projects and practices on our blog! It's a great way of practicing all sorts of useful skills and gaining confidence in using them.

The Permaculture Ambassador scheme was inspired by the Network of Wellbeing (NOW), an organisation which shares understanding and supports practice of wellbeing. NOW is running a similar Wellbeing Ambassadors project, which provided the original idea for our Permaculture Ambassadors project.

To celebrate this fruitful connection, our first blog post is an interview with Florence Scialom, the Network of Wellbeing's International Community Coordinator, who originally started the Wellbeing Ambassadors project at NOW.