Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lost Theory Festival in Croatia: Exploring connections with permaculture!

by Stéphanie De Caluwé

After following a Permaculture Design Course, wwoofing, and learning about natural farming and food forests,  we decided that would like to combine our experiences, ways of thinking and acting in this world with introducing a permaculture design course during the buildup of our festival, The Lost Theory festival.

One of the dreams that drives this festival is to create an ecological community, to serve as a place of sharing experience, knowledge, music, dance and a lot of other wonderful things… 

Organising a festival takes a lot of time and energy, and it's a project, which is growing each day with new ideas and helping hands. 
This year will be the 4th edition. Until now, our focus was on music and offering our visitors a great experience, but this year we would like to go a step further.

By learning about permaculture, our enthusiasm about integrating permaculture into our festival, grew more and more wildly!

One thing that we decided is that we would like to do this time is to offer an international PDC during the build-up of the festival, taking place from the 7th until 20th of July. Therefore, we are looking for teachers who want to share their permaculture knowledge and skills, so that we can actively use and integrate permaculture principles when designing the festival area.
We would like the course to be a good mixtrure between theoretical knowledge and practical applications, so that we can build some permaculture- inspired constructions on the festival area, for the visitors of the festival to experience an alternative way of living. We are also planning on having workshops on subjects like composting, survival, cob building, rocket mass-heaters, purifying water, observing wildlife and more.
Also, over the years we’ve been connecting with some ecovillages around the area, and we would like to give our guests the possibility to visit these communities and get inspired.

Even if we don't find teachers, we would like to make some sustainable constructions during the buildup of the festival, so who’s attracted by that or has some ideas, is more than welcome!

People who are interested, please contact Stephanie, and visit

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