Tuesday, 14 October 2014

People Care and Child Care

by Pedro Valdjiu
Today I woke up at 4 AM with a dream about Child Care becoming part of the ethics of permaculture, a new sphere added to the Earth care, People care and Fair shares. The first thing I said to myself was why don’t I just add this topic into the people care branch and work it from there?
After some thoughts I realise that children and people are two different worlds, and I believe that society has been treating children as adults for too long, taking them away from them their maximum potential which is in my perspective their ability to use imagination. We as adults are adulterated by our traditions, cultures, behaviours and beliefs, in a way that keeps us from receiving the NEW that is arriving to this planet 24 hours a day, new ideas, new patterns, new imaginations, that will make the Big Turn happen on this planet.
When I think in Big Turn, what comes to my imagination is a new lifestyle that is not based on earth and human resources but based in our gifts and the gift of Life. I believe that gifted people like Tesla, Viktor Shauberger or others have found out about free energy and even more liberating ideas that could make the Turn a reality. It’s a shame that these information is not public, that the gifts of the genius people are not being used.
I often listen to our government speaking about saving the planet for the sake of our children future. Or something like – "children are the future…" This is just a way to take responsibility out of the present, and to make us feel kind of OK with the big mess we have been doing here. Social mess, economical mess and for sure ecological mess. The work is now not in the future, and children seem to live in the present, although surrounded by adults who are teaching them how to repeat their mistakes instead of giving space for them to channel new concepts and ideas.
Considering that just a little part of earth children have access to proper shelter, to water, food, health and the elementary needs to live, I believe, that we are in front of one of the most difficult issues of society.
On one hand we have children being exploited by the other hand of consumers child and their parents. Ones being slaved by the others, and the others becoming slaves of a technological society. Schools were we already have software as teachers were others are working 16 hours a day to make new smart phones to a dominant industry. I have to say that unfortunately i am part of the consumers hand.
So, what can I do?? How can I stop this nightmare? Where can I put my energy so that I bring a new light to this issue?

Eights years ago, I went to the public school and I signed a document saying that I was going to be responsible for the education of my children. That day I felt that all the power of the universe was running in my veins. From that moment my daughters, who I recognise have being my biggest masters on earth, were out of a system that is not Life supportive, a system that is adulterating children already in the kindergarten.
My beloved girlfriend, myself and a group of parents decided to start a Steiner school named Escola da Terra (Earth School) considering - after a big research that the Waldorf pedagogy initiated by Rudolf Steiner around 100 years ago - was the pedagogy with the deepest understanding of what a child is and a what a human being is at its highest potential.
I believe that one the of the key components of this is art. Children can learn everything through music, dance, theatre, painting, games, etc. All that has this artistic component that I see as a something that establishes a connections between earth and heaven, whatever picture of heaven on can have.
I saw the evolution of these children growing through the years without becoming fully corrupted by behaviour patterns from these adulterated non-life-supportive society. They have become children that support each other and have an incredible sense of justice and love.
We also started to bring some of these pre-teenagers, to our land Terra Alta, where we run international permaculture courses, mostly with people from Europe and more and more from all over the world. It was amazing to see how integrated these young people were among others and how wise they are, socially wise and also very connected to earth and nature, so very connected to what the permaculture education is all about. Nature connection I believe is one of our gifts as human beings. It is just these patriarchal educational system that creates these illusionary feeling of separation making us a sucking-resources based culture.
Waldorf education, permaculture and all that is supporting life seems to be so small-scale that I have the feeling that it is working as homeopathy remedy in order to keep the memory of what is our essence and what could be a possible way for our evolution. Rudolf Steiner mentioned on his lectures that there was a silence war on Humans, not with guns but through education.
So I can say that Waldorf education is about healing human beings through a spiritual, artistic education. It is growing internationally, and I hope that it will be adopted by the national educational systems as the main pedagogy. This could be part of the Big Turn.
I often hear things like children should all have access to proper education, but what kind of education are we talking about?  Are these parts of the world that our system call the third world with a need of a patriarchal educational system? Maybe they need as a good start to be released from the hands of imperialist corporations that are destroying theirs habitats and corrupting their beliefs and cultures.  Maybe we should stop thinking what is the best education for cultures that we just don’t know deep enough and let the cultures find their own evolution.
I feel frustrated by the fact that I can’t even address these topic in the level of depth I see needed here. I also know that I am talking from a very lucky person perspective, considering that I have access to water, money, food, and so on. But I also know that whatever I am doing am I am doing because I am a believer on us Humans, I know that we are not what the greedy imperialism is trying to make us, we are not stupid we are just doped by a twisted technological lifestyle .
Escola da Terra is not a business, actually for several years my energy at this project is based on pure service, where the vision of healing the world thought education seemed to guided myself higher then the need of having to make money or a career.
I also feel that People care and Child care are two different things.
Thank you all.
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