Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Members Enjoy Green Scythe Fair 2014

Last month, on 15th June five members of the Permaculture Association got together and enjoyed a great day promoting permaculture at the Green Scythe Fair in Somerset.
This is a one day event that takes place in a beautiful setting on the Somerset Levels and is run entirely on wind, sun and muscle power. The day features excellent live music, over 70 stalls displaying traditional skills, crafts and produce, and lively environmental debates.

Permaculture Association members stall at the fair

The Green Scythe Fair is now in its tenth year and has as its aims:

1. To raise environmental awareness through creative activities2. To promote sustainable communities in South Somerset3. To engage the local community in Green Issues

Scything master classes are run over three days prior to the fair, and attendees come together to camp, relax, enjoy each others company and sample the local cider in the camp site next to the event.
“None of us knew each other before so it was lovely to meet other permies in the area!  It's a lovely little one day event, very green, where local farmers and travellers seem happy to share the space and men and women alike compete in the scything competition. There's live music going on all day and everyone joined in and danced to the last band." - Linda Philp, Permaculture Association Member
Special thanks to Linda, Marion, Graeme and Anna for helping us to promote permaculture to a different audience!
Getting together to run a local stall is a great way to make new friends. Want to meet other members in your area? Just reply to this email or give us a call and we'll help put you in touch!

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