Wednesday, 11 June 2014

UK Permaculture Convergence 2014: Get ready for a life- changing event!

by Anna Schmidt
Strategic Communications Coordinator at the Permaculture Association

The Permaculture Association warmly invites you to spend an unforgettable weekend (12th – 14th September) at this year's UK Permaculture Convergence. The event takes place at Gilwell Park in London, an amazing forest location with great views!

Book your tickets online here.

The weekend will be packed with a huge diversity of workshops. Whether you are new to permaculture or want to deepen your knowledge, be sure you'll leave this event with plenty of new ideas, knowledge and practical skills. Three month before the convergence, we already have over 10 confirmed workshop leaders and speakers, which include Looby Macnamara, who is going to present her new book “7 Ways to Think Differently”; Chris Evans, who will talk about permaculture in the Himalaya; and Maddy Harland, who will introduce us to the world of unusual trees and forest gardens.

Besides its informative and educational character, the Convergence is one of THE networking events for over 300 people interested in permaculture and sustainability. 90% of past participants mentioned meaningful networking as one of the main strength of the event. Susan, who attended the 2012 convergence, tells us: “It is so inspiring and also such a relaxed and enjoyable way to meet like- minded people and exchange ideas”. Matt could not agree more: “The people make the convergence! You can learn something new every five minutes, share ideas for projects, and make new friends!”

Finally, the convergences is great value for money! Ticket prices include 6 lovely, organic meals, provided by community project and LAND centre OrganicLea; accomodation and workshops; talks and evening entertainment. Also don't forget to bring your swimming suits, as we will be able to use Gilwell Park's outdoor pool! To Find out about different booking options and prices, please visit We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Here is why former Convergence attendees would recommend coming to a convergence:

 “A great feeling of positive action, energising and inspiring. Very well organised event in a beautiful location. A suitable event to attend for anyone interested in grassroots sustainability. Affordable!”

“Enjoyable, informative, invigorating, inspiring, empowering!”

“To gain inspiration for a personal and social change.”

“The people make the convergence you can learn something new every five minutes, and share ideas for projects and make new friends.”

“A unique and positive place for a future with people who are getting on with it!”

“It is so inspiring and also so relaxed and enjoyable. It is a good way to meet like minded people and share ideas.”

“The settings are beautiful, I learned a lot,met lots of friendly, interesting people and the children really enjoyed it too”

“It's a celebration for your mind body and spirit, and for your faith in human nature!”

“Its amazing!!! Everyone is so welcoming, accepting and encouraging, its a gorgeous atmosphere with huge variety in activities and great for meeting new people, sharing ideas and learning skills.”

“Because it does what it says on the tin - enables people to learn about permaculture whatever stage they are at, enables inspiration, enables growth, enables connections, enables practical experience.”

“Opens up a whole world of people, practices and ideas.”

12th International Permaculture Convergence: Let's tell the world about our vision!

After the Convergence in September, we will channel all our energy into getting ready for the 12th International Permaculture Convergence and Conference 2015, also taking place at Gilwell Park!

Far from being a gathering amongst the permaculture network only, this will be a global networking event, which brings together different movements such as the Land Workers Alliance/ La Via Campesina, academics from a diversity of disciplines, and social change activists. About 1,000 participants are expected! Andy, CEO of the Permaculture Association UK says: “The Conference will allow us to reach a global audience, and there has never been a time where this is as essential as now – especially with the Paris Climate talks taking place just a couple of weeks after. This is our opportunity to make a big step to becoming a leading edge network, which offers not only a positive vision, but also the practical skills to back this up!”

OrganicLea, an impressive community project in the north- east of London, will provide us with great organic food for year's convergence and the international convergence! Also OrganicLea are excited about both convergences, as Marlene tells us: “Organiclea co-op members have been to previous convergences and found them inspiring. They are looking forward to this one being right on their doorstep and being able to share the experience through guided forest walks from Gilwell Park to our site!” One of their great products we will be enjoying is the Walthamstow Yellowcress, an endangered plant discovered in the borough thirty years ago. With its habitat under threat, it was close to extinct until last year, when Organiclea established a bed of it at its Chingford market garden site.

The best news about this event: YOU can help us bring this transformative event! Share your skills, passion and enthusiasm for a positive future with us by becoming part of one of our 12 working groups. We need people to help us with finance, advertising and sponsorship, registration and visas, conference organisation and more! To have a look at the specific groups and to register your interest, please visit or get in touch via email!

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