Monday, 17 March 2014

Discovering the Healing Potential of Permaculture

Spreading the word of permaculture as a Permaculture Ambassador is rewarding, as I know that it represents something that a lot of people don’t know about. Perhaps these people would benefit from having permaculture in their lives?

As an individual, telling others about permaculture is not only rewarding, but  also helps me to see that it has indeed been the key ingredient missing from my life. Coming from a background where just about every cultural and social issue existed, I realised if it had been part of my upbringing, I perhaps would have done things differently and achieved more. However it wasn’t and I realise now how important it has become in my everyday life. It has an influence on a range of aspects in my life, from the people I meet and the clothes I buy to how I deal with personal issues I encounter.

I recently attended an anxiety workshop; I’m not ashamed to say it was for myself. A year ago I would have been. Feeling segregated from society because of my mental illness left me feeling abnormal. But as I sat in the workshop, I realised that the lessons of permaculture had helped to accept my illness and that was the reason I was there. As I listened to the discussions on the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety, one of my first thoughts was that I want to help other people struggling with illness to discover the power of permaculture.

As the Permaculture Association begins to work with the Network Of Wellbeing, I realise more than ever, how important it is that we welcome permaculture into our lives, at social gatherings, business meetings, schools and even into our families.

What I love about permaculture is there are no rules or restrictions. Instead there is an understanding that we need to co-exist with each other, living a simpler, healthier way of life using only nature as our guide.

I’m very glad I discovered permaculture and I hope after reading this you will want to learn more about it. It’s as easy as picking up one of the many books on permaculture which introduces you to it and its various techniques.

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